When I was young and lived at home with my parents I attended a stiff traditional church where there wasn’t a lot of joy. I went to church as the ‘family representative’. I felt like something was missing and went looking around the different churches for something more alive and spiritual. Being touched by the Holy Spirit is a very personal thing. A friend said to me “one day it’s going to happen to you.” But I said, “there was no way I’m going to go out with the Holy Spirit.” Then one day at church Pastor Sirus asked, do you know the Holy Spirit?  If you come up the front you can be filled with the Holy Spirit. I hesitantly decided to go forward and Pastor Sirus asked for my hands, “Can you feel anything Joan?” Next thing I remember is waking up on the floor of the church two and a half hours later, Pastor Sirus was quoting scriptures, and most people had left church. I felt so good, I had had the best sleep ever, and I didn’t need my walking stick any more. I was on a real high.